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Field Trip to Cotton’s Antique Mall In Pueblo, Colorado

Being a native of Colorado I am of course partial to my state.   Beautiful sky, great weather and scenery that can’t be beat.  As an interior design consultant,  this weeks field trip is to downtown Pueblo, Colorado to visit the local antique stores on Union Avenue and to have a nice lunch near the river walk.  One of my new favorite stores is Cotton’s Antique Mall.  I discovered this great store while shopping for a couple of pieces of furniture for a local restaurant that I have been helping update their decor.  This lovely antique mall is located at 214 S. Union Ave, in Pueblo, Colorado.  The staff are very warm, outgoing and helpful. The building is a gorgeous turn of the century building with restored hardwood floors and the space inside is very open and inviting.  I found a bunch of great items for sale and highly recommend Cotton’s Antique Mall.  This antique mall will be one of my favorite “bring guests to” places in down town Pueblo.  I am so glad that the “managers” of downtown Pueblo have seen the importance of saving these gorgeous brick and stone buildings.  Combined with the Pueblo River Walk as well as the fun stores along Union Avenue.

There is something for everyone!

There is something for everyone!

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Strength Creativity & Passion

Life can be very difficult from time to time.  When we lose someone we have loved dearly or if life just throws a curve at us, it causes us to think about our lives and where we are going with them.  When heartache or sadness hits us it causes us to reevaluate who we are, what do we believe in, and where are we going.  I have found over the years that my ups and downs have become part of my story and have made me who I am.  My bumps in the road have given me a strength that I didn’t know was possible.  The bumps have made me not sweat the little stuff.   I have learned one thing with age and that is if you take life “one day at a time” it is definitely more doable.  There is one thing that always stands true for me and that is my home no matter where I have lived over the years and that includes apartments, tiny one bedroom houses and big roomy houses. (Being married to a military man for 23 years I have seen the worst and the best in housing.)   But for me my home has always been my shelter, my nest, my place I can go when everything else around me seem crazy.   When I have days that I can’t hardly breath, my home with its four walls is there like an old friend with a cup of coffee.     Recently a dear friend has experienced the worst kind of loss, as her beloved husband of 30 years passed away.  Her faith in God and humanity has shown itself through this new journey she is on.  Her home is a wonderful elegant statement as to the strength, creativity and passion for all things new and old.  It has shown me that it’s okay to change things up, to let go, to experience all that life has to offer and that means adding a little spice to our wonderful loyal homes.  This is a field trip to my friend’s gorgeous home and it  is living proof that life is about finding the beautiful even if it is someone’s old glass vase or vintage shoes.  It’s about using the ambiance of the past  to make our home more lovely and comforting for us in the now.

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Heartland Antiques and Gifts In Florence, Colorado

Oh how I love a field trip.  If you are looking for a fun place that mixes antiques, vintage and new this is the store for you.  Owner Elsie Ore has assembled a wonderful blend of the old and new.   Heartland Antiques and Gifts  is a large store and features a great selection of antique and vintage furniture.  You can find items that fit everyone’s budget.   The store displays are tastefully done according to style and color.  If you need a  lavender drawer sachet or a gorgeous French style chandelier you can find it at Heartland.   If you style is Tuscan, Country, Retro, Primitive or Traditional you will find something fun and unique for your home at Heartland Antiques and Gifts.   You can find Heartland Antiques and Gifts at 122 W. Main Street in Florence, Colorado.  You can reach them at 719-784-0777.  If you are visiting Colorado and love shopping Florence is a wonderful charming town with many turn of the century buildings filled with antiques and restaurants The Aspen Leaf serves wonderful sandwiches, pastries, and salads.    The Aspen Leaf is practically right across the street from Heartland Antiques & Gifts.

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Legends & Lace Antiques Florence, Colorado Field Trip!

Tucked away on Main Street in lovely Florence, Colorado is the Legends & Lace Antique Store.  Owner Sarah  has a meticulously designed store and if you are a vintage clothes hound or a hat lover this is the store for you!  Sarah displays every unique item in  lovely vintage vignettes.   Every item for sale in her vintage and antique dresses are in great condition, clean and or gently refurbished or renewed.  Sarah also makes beautiful lamp shades.  If you are heading to Florence, Colorado don’t miss this beautiful shop.  Sarah is warm and welcoming  and has an endless knowledge of her vintage and antique items.  The hats alone make it worth making the trip to Florence.  You can find Sarah’s shop at 131 W. Main Street in Florence, Colorado right next door to the lovely Mezzanine Antiques.

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Fall 2011 Pueblo Historic Home Tour

Had a wonderful day with friends,  eating lunch out and touring  the fantastic homes on this year’s tour.  What fun and what gorgeous homes.   It was fun the look at the homes and see the changes people have made and didn’t make.  The homes were rich in history and some were very contemporary makeovers on the inside and some looked very much like they did in the era they were built.  I especially loved the Victorian home.