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How To Make Spooky Halloween Silhouette Greeting Cards


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I was busy in my sewing room making up some cards for Halloween.  I love these because they are simple and would frame well in a simple 5″ x 7″ standard frame. Below the instructions you will find a purchase supplies list.

Here is a list of the items you will need for making these cards:

  1.  Card Stock with brown envelopes.
  2. Scraps of burlap
  3. Sewing machine with black thread
  4. Black Felt
  5. Spooky Patterns printed out to fit the burlap
  6. Vintage lace
  7.  Heat n Bond Lite for sewing

Instructions:  I cut the burlap into 4.50″ x 6.50″ scraps.  Cut a small strip of Heat n Bond Lite and attach to the backside of the burlap.  With a medium hot, iron press the burlap onto the card (you need just enough Heat n Bond to stabilize the burlap).  Stitch the burlap onto the card leaving about .25″ edge for unraveling.  ( I used a zig- zag stitch for my cards.) After I sew the burlap on I pull the edge strings to get that raveled look.  I found my silhouettes by googling “free Halloween silhouettes” I edit them and crop them to the size to fit my burlap.  (approximately 3″ x 4″).  Take the black felt and cut a square about 10″ x 10″ and with a medium iron press the Heat n Bond onto the back of the black felt.  Leaving the peeling paper on the felt pin on your printed designs. Peel the Heat n Bond backing off and with a medium hot iron press the felt silhouette onto the burlap on the card.

Caution:  Check a sample of the felt with your iron first as too hot of an iron will melt the felt.  I found medium heat to work great.

Supplies I purchased:

Heat n Bond Lite at Walmart

Burlap at Walmart sewing department for $3.97 a yard.

Kraft smooth A7 Cards and Envelopes Premium Heavyweight Cards.  Core’dinations,(Cards come in a set of 50 cards and envelopes) I bought these at Hobby Lobby in the Paper Crafting Department.  (Don’t forget your coupon!)




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Welcome October

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I’m not sure what I love the most about Autumn.  Maybe it’s the cool mornings, turning leaves, the bright orange pumpkins in the fields waiting to be carved into Jack O Lanterns or pumpkin pies.  I love Halloween, love Thanksgiving and I love the days before Christmas and New Years.  This time for me is the best time of the year.  I think I love the fall season the most because it signals the nesting in me and in my friends.  The bright orange and red wreathes go up on the front doors, the soups start cooking and it means sharing with family and friends.  When I am working with clients on a decorating site, the most important thing to me is an abode that welcomes family and friends.  I love decorating with vintage items but to me nothing inspires fall than bringing in the outdoors.  I love to pile up the dried leaves, pinecones, corn shocks, pumpkins, indian corn, yellow field corn and of course lots of gourds on my fireplace mantel and any place that I can find to decorate.  Often I think maybe I lived another life on a farm somewhere in the mid west just because of how much I love the harvest.  My advice to fall decorators, “Make a thermos of coffee, fix some sandwiches and enjoy the cooler weather, visit your local farm stands and go overboard with the wonderful items mother nature provides for our natural decor.”