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Recycled Western Cowgirl Style

What do you do with an old pair of cowgirl boots, rusty metal cutouts from a flea market, vintage western paperback books and an old rustic barnwood frame.  I love using lots of rusty junk.  The moon behind the pine tree is a rusty oil can top I found out walking.  It’s snowing outside and just the perfect day to be in my studio doing something fru fru.  Instructions on how to do this table top arrangement will be coming on Monday  10/31/11.


Lot’s of extra snow!”]
Cowgirl Christmas!


I am an interior designer with over 27 years of experience in both residential and commercial design. I love the "do it yourself" person because I am a do it yourself person and I very much identify with making old new again. I believe that our spirits are rejuvinated and inspired when we relect who we are and what we believe in and are not afraid to face the harder parts of our lives. This blog will be dedicated to that purpose. I am also a survivor of domestic violence. I have an insatiable desire to grow and learn about myself in both spiritual and emotional ways. I love being a guest speaker for events in self-growth with the idea of hopefully inspiring others that past traumas can be over come and life can be terrific or at the very least good!

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