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Love Those Estate Sales!

One of my many passions include shopping at estate sales and thrift stores. I am out the door by 7:30 a.m.   I love the thrill of discovery.  I have had times in my treasure hunting when I think, wow I could be killed right now in this dirt cellar digging up old jars and no one would know where I was at.  This thought has plagued me often over the years.  My husband Garry doesn’t know the half of some of the creepy basements and spidery garages I have climbed through, including dumpsters.  Heck sometimes the dumpsters have better stuff than the house itself.  I mean I have this gorgeous vintage grocery cart I dug out of a dumpster at an estate sale.  Pueblo, Colorado has some of the most amazing estate sales.   Not too long ago I was at an estate sale on the east side of town.   When I opened the screen door to walk in, I was transported to a vintage 1930s – 1940’s house that looked as though it had never been touched.  The stove and cabinets in the kitchen were amazing.  The treasures I found were great but the treat was in the house decor itself.  Stained glass covered most of the walls in the house.  It amazes me to this day how many kinds of treasures are out there.  I often talk to the family members of the estate sales I have been too.  They are eager to tell me about the person who lived there and what they loved or collected.  Sometimes the treasure is just seeing the house and visiting with host family.

This stove was in excellent condition! This state of the art range drops down for cooking.

Large slabs of stained glass on the walls of the basement!


I am an interior designer with over 27 years of experience in both residential and commercial design. I love the "do it yourself" person because I am a do it yourself person and I very much identify with making old new again. I believe that our spirits are rejuvinated and inspired when we relect who we are and what we believe in and are not afraid to face the harder parts of our lives. This blog will be dedicated to that purpose. I am also a survivor of domestic violence. I have an insatiable desire to grow and learn about myself in both spiritual and emotional ways. I love being a guest speaker for events in self-growth with the idea of hopefully inspiring others that past traumas can be over come and life can be terrific or at the very least good!

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